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Nancy Rosen, More is More

Nancy Rosen, the Offical Mom of the Post Family (circa 1985 with the birth of Sam), closes out a fitting end to the scheduled shows this year at ye Olde Post Fam. Not only is Nancy and accomplished painter, but she’s the kind of grown-up I want to be when I grow up. Inspires me… Read more »

Cusp Conference 2010 Recap

Sessions started with selections from One in 8 million, an oral history interactive web project by the New York Times. Conferences get flack sometimes for being corporate, not intimate enough, and burdening their laden-down participants with cheap swag. Sessions can be dry, networking awkward, and lecture halls bloody freeeeeezing cold. And they all seem to… Read more »

Friday Links

+ Herman Miller is running an especially juicy contest with their products as prizes, a new one each week. All you have to do is enter your email address and you’re eligible to win any of them. GO here to sign up! Grand prizes are one off artist-edition Eames rockers. WANT. + Have you gotten… Read more »


Incredibly crafted paper sculptures by Benja Harney.

Andy Goldsworthy

Site specific environmental art by Andy Goldsworthy. For the most part he uses no tools besides his hands and whatever surrounding natural materials he can find to painstakingly construct each piece. At the mercy of the elements, some works are gone within a matter of hours, collapsing and scattering on the wind or tide. Found… Read more »