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Remembering When & the Prefect Getaway It’s ok limited edition of 1,000,000. Heh. Installation at the Family Room’s Proximity 003 Launch Party. Can’t believe where my head’s been on this one, but Matthew Hoffman aka Sighn’s work is definitely worth discussing. He was featured in the most recent Proximity Magazine and is often seen kickin’… Read more »

Mel Kadel

I really really adore Mel Kadel’s work, I had such a hard time choosing which to post! It has a lot of the same qualities of Edward Gorey’s work, plus her use of color is simply inspired. More on her in this Fecal Face interview. Source.

Melanie Bilenker Jewelery

Most unconventionally, Melanie Bilenker uses human hair to create meticulously detailed illustrations which are then cast in resin and made into fine-art jewelery. According to her site, this is inspired from Victorian days of yore when they used to keep lockets of hair. Talk about a new twist, I also like how she chooses to… Read more »

You Are Here

Come to Rainbo this Sunday to support Stephanie Bassos and my friend Linsey Burritt (aka Studio Rosse). They’ve orchestrated a show with photography and window installations and brilliant things are expected! Jan 11th, 8:30pm, 1150 N. Damen ave.