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Guest Post: Chad Kouri

{Today’s guest post is courtesy of the illustrious Chad Kouri. Known for his fine achievements as a member of the printmaking collective The Post Family, Art Director of Proximity Magazine, his splendid collage work, and co-founder a new blog about doodling, Margin Detail. Drop him a line if you’re up for a chat, a new… Read more »

Janel Schultz

Fellow UW-Madison Art Department alum, Janel Schultz is having a show tonight in Chicago. Love her work, she calls it, “sculptural paintings & hybridized drawings.” Mixed media for the most part, it references body parts, hair, scales, bone, feathers, etc, all mixed together to create wonderfully bizarre creatures. ARC Gallery 7-9pm 832 W. Superior St…. Read more »

Blanket – Issue 14

Pages upon glorious pages, Blanket’s 14th is one of my favorites so far. It’s the Blue Issue, investigating and embracing all things that blue inspires (I never thought about that specifically before, but it’s clearly a very influential color isn’t it?). With custom typeface designed by Jesse Hora, an article about COLOURlovers, and all the… Read more »

Cristiana Couciero

Just learned of Cristiana Couciero & her incredible digital collages. For me, this is one of those artists that really hits color, composition & type dead-on every time. There’s a lot more to see on her site, definitely worth checking out.

Guest Post – Dee Clements

I’m Dee, I am an artist and curator living and working in Chicago. I make embroidered illustrations and comics and sometimes I make drawings and paintings too. I use standard polyester sewing thread instead of embroidery thread in my pieces because I like the way the line quality looks like a drawing from afar. Embroidery… Read more »