Tag: Fine Art

Valerie Roybal

Digging the collage work by Valerie Roybal, they feel fun & springy today. Via 20×200.

Tauba Auerbach

The Whole Alphabet, From the Center Out, Digital, V R Yes No Morph 1 Tauba Auerbach uses ink or gouache to paint typography, often in a geometric, conceptual in a way. I think it’s really delightful.

Pyramid Power

I just found this super hot art mag out of Canada, called Pyramid Power. Very impressed with the overall design, but I’m intrigued by the content and would love to sit down to read it & check out the featured artists. There’s a write up on Fecal Face that has more images, but the accompanying… Read more »

Richard Sarson

Holy smokes! This stuff knocks my frickin socks off! Richard Sarson uses a compass and meticulously draws these by hand using a ballpoint pen (a pen!) or a marker. He’s got a little stop-motion vid on his site that shows his process it’s as beautiful as the rest of his pieces too. I came across… Read more »

Cholla Artistes

Ky Anderson, Two Eyes With Wings, oil on canvas Laura Etheredge, pen & ink Brandi Strickland, mixed media Textile sculptures & installations by Amanda Browder. I recently went through my delicious looking specifically for female artists and re-discovered several I’d forgotten about. And then I realized that’s why I have a blog, so I have… Read more »