Tag: Fine Art

The Things We Make, pt 1

Instead of blogging, I’ve been working on a submission for this show. Every evening and the entire weekend for the last two weeks have been focused on this project. Creating the content, designing it, sourcing the materials, printing it, and AND finally assembling it is, uh, quite the time-suck. Maybe even a little crazy-making? Regardless,… Read more »

Creator's Inn / Elvine

I’m putting this one on my life list. Creator’s Inn offers a free place to stay for anyone who makes cool stuff. Free, as in completely, no fees. It’s also in Sweden (Gothenburg AND Stockholm to be more specific). All you have to do is apply with a short project that would contribute to the… Read more »

Nick van Woert

Surprise! It’s a bust covered with polyurethane. Completely unexpected. All of Nick van Woert’s sculpture work is hilarious and weird. Love. Via Today and Tomorrow.

Henk Visch

I can’t exactly put my finger on why, but I love these. By Dutch sculptor, Henk Visch. Via Ffffound.

Barrio Bajero

An assortment of happy and bizarre imagery from new-to-me tumblr Barrio Bajero.