Tag: Drawing

Gala Bent

New updates from Gala, including a sweet little animation! Got the glacier theme here too (see below). Interesting.

Gala Bent

Interesting mixed media work by Gala Bent. Hairy, mildly bizarre and creature-like, but not at all grotesque. I think they’re quite pretty and completely charming. Via Whiskey Tango Fontbook.

Kate Wilson

I’m impressed with the texture & details in Kate Wilson’s charming Little Doodles.

Richard Sarson

Holy smokes! This stuff knocks my frickin socks off! Richard Sarson uses a compass and meticulously draws these by hand using a ballpoint pen (a pen!) or a marker. He’s got a little stop-motion vid on his site that shows his process it’s as beautiful as the rest of his pieces too. I came across… Read more »

Guest Post – Dee Clements

I’m Dee, I am an artist and curator living and working in Chicago. I make embroidered illustrations and comics and sometimes I make drawings and paintings too. I use standard polyester sewing thread instead of embroidery thread in my pieces because I like the way the line quality looks like a drawing from afar. Embroidery… Read more »