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Things to back on Kickstarter

Let me help you spend your money on two projects I’ve discovered recently that are near and dear: Chis Piascik has done a drawing every weekday for the last four years which equals 1,000 drawings and Chris is self-publishing them into a book! I’m especially looking forward to the section of the book dedicated to… Read more »

Swooning over Swoon

“I’ve always had the sense about the way that people store their experiences inside their bodies. The way that everything you’ve ever seen or done is a part of you. If I could somehow draw that, if I could somehow make an x-ray of… maybe just your experience that day, or something you walked past,… Read more »

Everyone Forever Now

This video, Stoop Sitting, is from a series called Everyone Forever Now. It’s by Everynone, who also produce the Radiolab videos too. All of Everynone’s videos strike this really unique balance of documentary and art that’s poignant without being too over the top.