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The Interrupters

It’s deadline city around these parts until Wednesday, and though I have three sizable posts in the works, I doubt I will get to wrapping them after then. In the meantime, have you heard of this new documentary The Interrupters? It’s by the same folks who did Hoop Dreams & Typeface & it’s already garnering… Read more »

Linotype: the Film

So excited for this! There’s already Typeface. Helvetica. And now Linotype. Nerdy font movies….Oh how I love them. Have I missed any others?

Herb and Dorothy

I’m a huge documentary nerd. I could honestly watch one about paint drying if it was done well enough. But last night I saw Herb and Dorothy (instant play on Netflix) and it might be the most inspiring film I’ve seen all year, even edging out the Banksy film, Exit Through the Gift Shop. Herb… Read more »