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Stuff That’s Around

These photos are from a series I started on my Instagram I’m calling Stuff That’s Around. At first it was about integrating a bunch of disparate things, united by color as a common ground. But what I didn’t expect was that it’s having the effect of bridging disparate parts of myself too. How trying to find parallels… Read more »

Friday Links (on Monday)

A forgotten powercord and the lunchtime yoga class I went to last Friday opted me out of publishing this post then, but better late than never! Luckily all these things still apply today! Like this Sesame Street crayon-making video for example. Takes me right back, can’t you almost smell the crayons? Fresh in their box… Read more »

Clark Goolsby

Sculpture, collage & painting by Clark Goolsby. In the worlds of Wayne & Garth: Shwing! Via the Aviary.

Vignette Install

Stuff-makin. Goodness do I love my job. More here.