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Teaming up with Studio Sweet Studio!

    Guess what, guess what?! I’m writing a biweekly column for Studio Sweet Studio and it’s launched TODAY! Margot’s Design Dispatch is a digest of all things (you guessed it) design-related. It takes a similar format as my Friday Links posts, but with a little extra snazz (that’s the, uh, highly technical term) for… Read more »

The Fox Is Black

This is a day when I would like to kiss the entire Internet. The Fox Is Black has been one of my a-list favorite blogs since I discovered it right around the time I started blogging in 2008. When Bobby announced they were looking for female voices I thought it would be an excellent excuse… Read more »

Vignette Wrap-Up

…..omgoshthiswasthebesttime. Thank you everyone for coming, thank you to Heather, Stephanie and Christine for bearing photographic witness of the work (more photos here). Thank you Design Bureau and of course, Angela. Going to hold on to this experience for a long time to come. I also can’t think of a better way to recoup than… Read more »

Friday Links, on Monday

Whoops posting glitch! By which I mean I did not actually hit…publish. Ahem. Onward!   + Yowza, yowza. This one’s much too hot handle! My friend, mentor & collaborator Angela Finney-Hoffman’s got a gorgeous spot on Refiney29. Amazing style, amazing loft. More pics on here on our blog, Outpost. + I contributed to a Howdy… Read more »

Friday Links

+ How Apple has helped ease the suffering from the Japanese disasters. I’ve never read a more inspiring, moving story of a corporation acting with such generosity & grace in the face of tragedy. So proud of them. Can you imagine what the world would be like if even half of the world’s companies treated… Read more »