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Why the Invisible Bike Helmet is cool

This. This will change the cycling world. I’ve long been complaining about the poor helmet options out there, especially for ladies. It’s hard to find the correct size and most people don’t even wear them correctly. It’s just dump design, period, with crap decoration on top of it. As if ladies must be enticed to… Read more »

Chalk Chalk

Missing my laptop for a few days while it gets a mild facelift and now these cute prints have me missing my bike too! I haven’t been riding much at all in the last month mostly because my current contract gig isn’t on a bike-friendly (ie- mildy terrifying) route. Even still, these adorable drawings by… Read more »

Friday Links

+ Letterpress & handmade books by Huldra Press. Via Mint. + Nuno sent me an interview that he did with Caleb Owen Everitt after he saw my post on him earlier this week. Rad! Super inspiring read. + Spotted! Yours truly on local bicycle/style blog, Bike Fancy.

Bicyclette, Vers 1941

Junker bike? Hardly. Designed by Jean ProuvĂ©, circa 1941, bent steel & aluminum. Just incredible. I bet it’s a heavy, solid ride too. For the cycle-obsessed, stop by Cute & Comfortable for a week of bike themed posts. DELISH.

I Am In Like Mith My Bike

I am so happy that I found this awesome site (via Wild Horses) because it made my day. It’s purely bikes and bike-related culture, all styles and all kinds, from beautiful & rare ones to downright bizarre ones. I’ve been riding the same bike for almost 5 years now and sites like these make me… Read more »