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Pattern Matters

I think I hurt my brain a little when I comprehended that these beautiful things are made of folded paper. By Pattern Matters, each is its own trippy exploration of pattern, shape, and typography. The project’s website is worth a visit as well; it’s equally suited to the project.

Heather L. Johnson

What this?! Two blog posts in one day? Baby is on fiiiiire. Aren’t these embroidered maps by Heather L. Johnson just a feast? Spotted at the NEXT Art Fair downtown. Can’t stop drooling over the typography.

Friday Links

+ Ooh la-la! L’Affiche Moderne’s got a pretty new website. It’s a major step up, and really makes me itchy to buy many arty things. + Chronicle Books is having a spring sale! Enter code SPRING11 at checkout to get 30% off. I’m seriously considering The Art of McSweeney’s which showcases all of the printed… Read more »

Eero Saarinen at the Walker

Went to the Walker today (one of my favorite museums) and there was an exhibition of Eero Saarinen’s work. I didn’t know he designed office complexes, airports, and auditoriums, on top of the amazing furniture he’s well-known for. The were some fantastic pieces to see, for sure, especially the vintage advertisements & print collateral from… Read more »

Kitsune Noir

Kitsune Noir’s Desktop Wallpaper Project showcases some really suh-weet artists and designers. The whole page is inspiring, like a galley show right on my laptop. Had a hard time picking just a few to showcase here. Andy Miller Kristina Collantes James Gulliver Hancock