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Good Art Advice

Is it declassĂ© to post multiple animated .gifs in the same week? Don’t care. Doing it. This is a little thing Chad put together, it’s all snippets heard during the last year’s worth of talks and conferences. Inspired in part by artist Jason Lazarus.  

Friday Links

+ The Neche Collection relaunches! And Felt & Wire just opened a special online gallery with framed versions of Veronica’s prints as well. I want them alllll. These WILL be gone soon, do not delay! + Locally, there’s been quite the hubbub surround the giant, and rather racy, Marilyn Monroe statue downtown….Seems like Chicago’s managed… Read more »

Jessica Drenk

Also spied these glorious sculptures by Jessica Drenk at my trip to the Affordable Art Fair. Warped almost beyond recognition, they are made from books (!!!) that have been treated with a wax and then carved into shape. I love these because the paper starts to take on the appearance of wood, like it’s forcing… Read more »

NYC…All the rest!

Another major high point of the trip was the visit to MoMa’s PS1 in Queens. After this visit, PS1 is easily my favorite museum at the moment. Named after the school the building once held, the space is incredible. Sounded by an almost military-esque concrete wall, the entrance gives way to a modern courtyard which… Read more »

NYC day 1, part 2

Lucky for me, Dargelos is just a ten minute’s walk to DUMBO which seems to be a huge creative hub of Brooklyn. With Etsy headquarters, Studiomates, and a slew of other a-list design studios within blocks of each other, I found a bench and wondered how long it would take before I spotted anyone I… Read more »