Tag: Animation

Explosions in the Sky

I could watch an entire film like this video. By Ptarmak with illusrations by Sissy Emmons and animation by David Hobizal.

Gala Bent

New updates from Gala, including a sweet little animation! Got the glacier theme here too (see below). Interesting.

Hint Magazine

Stills from an animation for fashion mag Hint which you can watch here (can’t embed Flash ya know) By My Orange Box.

Chad's New Work

Abelson Taylor Manny Awards intro from Chad Kouri on Vimeo. Ladies & gents, Chad Kouri: Professional Huger, Stuff Junkie, Family Member, & first-class Ace has put up some new work. I especially love this video, animated collage work is always so fun to see. Motion work by Mutual Friend & Eric Miro.

Leo's Song

Leo’s Song from impactist on Vimeo. Darling little vid from motion, music & photography studio, Impaticist. This one’s simple style & plot reminds me a little of Shel Silverstein’s The Missing Piece. From Doodler’s Anonymous.