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Pardon the dust.

I have some new things planned for this blog this week!! The first of which is so small you may not have even noticed, especially if you’re following along in an RSS reader, but the pictures got bigger! A extra 100 pixels to be exact, for your viewing pleasure. Who doesn’t love to lose themselves in a delicious, generously-sized photo? Like this one that I yanked from Sf Girl By Bay, which is only a small piece of a whole beautiful series on the most amazing offices in the Internet. Inspiration GOLD for another project I’m working that’s launching in December.

Anyway, getting the bigger photos is a bit of a nostalgic move for me, I’ll always recognize the older posts with smaller photos from the newer posts going forward. Also, forewarned, you may run into some wonkiness here and there if you are poking around. Spring cleaning if you will. Only in fall. Ha!


Connor Harrington

I’m currently in British Columbia (going to Vancouver tomorrow & Thursday!) and even though we’ve been traveling for the last 16 hours, there is free wifi at the moment so I can’t resist popping in w/ a post. Not sure when I will have this chance again, so I’m taking it! Love these works by Connor Harrington, they are a totally surprising mash-up of traditional portraiture and graffiti. Beautiful color & energy, they are super unique indeed. Via Design for Mankind.