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Friday Links!

No Black Friday shopping for me! Instead I’m cooking and eating like it’s still a holiday while catching up on the interwebs and my heaping pile of work. Here’s this week’s dispatch of linky goodness.

+ My friend Brandon from FRANK emailed me their latest & greatest: a video of Little Scream’s newest single, The Lamb. What’s interesting is how low-fi the production is, it’s all lit with flashlights which is the perfect accompaniment to Laura’s delicate and expansive sound. Fans of Bat for Lashes, First Aid Kit and/or St. Vincent will dig this as well.

+ New to me Favorite blog: Plenty of Colour.

+ Officey goodness at Muhs Home. I’ll take one of everything please!

+ Holly Wales on keeping your employees happy.

+ I’m excited that my friend Jana’s quirky happy illustrations have a new internet home! Congrats on the new site, lady!

Friday Links

Here’s basically everything I meant to post about this week in one dispatch.

+ Beginners is the sweetest movie I’ve seen in a long time. By artist/designer/director Mike Mills, who’s work I adore, it’s based on his own life. Mostly about the complexities of family love & relationships, the film has a non-linear, collage-like narrative that’s especially memorable.

+ Ellie’s on a Howdy Do It roll this week, with posts on SEO and tips for starting a new business.

+ Bet you’ve never seen a water filter as purty as these ones before!

+ On setting the scene for a productive day.

+ I just discovered Doodle! A handy tool for scheduling events w/ groups of people that will eliminate the email back-and-forth. Free.

I’m working on a contract at an agency for the next week or so, that plus my own clients = 14-hour days so…that’s pretty much ALL I’m doing at the moment. HOWEVER. It is Friday and that is enough said, amiright!? I know it’s lame to talk about how busy one is offline, but at least you know that it’s not for lack of trying! A for effort. And with that, enter, the weekend.

Friday Links on Thursday

It’s pretty much design bonanza week in Chicago right now. Between the HOW Design Conf, the Show ‘N Tell Show, and Creative Mornings, not to mention numerous meet-ups, art shows, and after-parties, my dance card is pretty well booked up for the rest of the week.

I’m still a little buzzing from this gender bias (see the post below) discussion too, I haven’t interacted so thoroughly on the internet like that at all before. I’m pretty happy with the results and yesterday I found this excellent article that actually has a really great solution to the problem: Mentorship.

+ Thank you to Birdwatching for featuring my work today! Via my girl, @elaineinspired. *

+ I’m a MASSIVE fan of Dutch design (well the whole darn country is majorly kickass to be honest) but I received an email from The Submarine Channel linking to their profiles of several legendary Dutch names (like Droog & Wim Crouwel). Go, child, and be schooled in their mystical ways. And once you’re done, sign this international petition to stop their government from cutting arts funding. They have 30 years of some of the best government-supported culture in the world and I am sad to hear that it is under threat.

*Ack. So the embed code isn’t working, lame. Vimeo let me go through that whole process without telling me that I didn’t have embedding permission. All is not lost, I’ve emailed to see if I can get it. Stay tuned!

See you hip cats on Monday!