Etsy Amps

Of those I’ve seen, I think this is by far my favorite ampersand t-shirt. An ampersand of ampersands! How very meta. Whoaaa. I also dig the sweet retro vibe of the ampersand pillow. Both are from Lorem & Ipsum on Etsy, found on Notcot. Always a good day on the internet when there are new ampersands discovered!

Renegade Redux

Here’s some of my favorite finds from this weekend’s Renegade Craft Fair.

I’m really excited to be reminded of Bucktown’s (Chicago’s?) one and only sewing & fabric boutique, The Needle Shop. Offering cotton prints & upholstery fabrics from some of my favorite fabric designers so now I can actually pop in and peruse textiles in person. It makes such a difference when comparing pattern scale & tactility than trying to buy online. Not to mention the craft & sewing classes they offer, so I will eventually stop collecting the fabric & actually DO something with it.

As an aspiring painter of glass/porcelain I was drawn to 2 other artists who work with glass & ceramic. Sabrina Dechert of Fox & Clover creates really pretty modern glassware & jewelery. She uses enamel based paints which are then fired. The glassware paired with the organic & earthy illustrations makes for an interesting juxtaposition.

Also there’s Meredith Host. Her process is particularly unique. She salvages used hotel & restaurant dishes and then applies a transfer illustration which is then fired off in the kiln, leaving behind an indelible image. Witty, unconventional imagery is what makes her work memorable indeed.