Here Goes Nothing…

Until now I’ve been quietly, slowly building and maintaining this site. But today, it’s all ready and official! So in the spirit of this most splendid event, I’m offering desktop wallpaper for your downloading pleasure. Also, see? Over there in the sidebar there’s a Freebies section which I’ll be updating monthly with other wallpapers, dings, doodads and other pretty little whatnots. So, welcome everyone; I hope you’re here to stay. I wish had confetti & champagne for everyone, but logistically that’s a bit tricky isn’t it? Hoorays & many thanks will have to do instead!


1600×1024 | 1440×900 | 1280×800 | 1024×768 | iPhone

So this month’s wallpaper is inspired by a set of handmade vintage napkins sewn by my Grandma, circa 1970 or 80 I think. They were given to me over the holidays by my Aunt who has a vast collection of vintage goodies. The rest of the typography is all hand-done, influenced by the homies of the hand-drawn type. Enjoy!