Sketchbook Scans


Greetings friendly friends! Here’s some sketch ideas for custom hand typeface which I’ve been working on. It’s pro-bono spec work, so who knows if it will go anywhere. But it’s fun and good practice all the same!

Lykke Li

I’m Good, I’m Gone / Lykke Li

I think it’s safe to say that I have some weird affinity for any musician I’ve heard coming out of Scandinavia. The Knife, Bjork, Mum, Jens Lekman, Annie, Lindstrom, the Tough Alliance, and Peter Bjorn & John all come to mind, though I know there’s more. Today’s addition to the list, Lykke Li is no exception. Her voice, sweet and fragile, fits right into the electronic landscape that is common to these artists. Her album Youth Novels is a total charmer, all tap-tappy beats and soft plinking sounds with the occasional more vigorous flair. Here’s a few tracks for you to stream as well: Breaking It Up, Tonight, and Little Bit

Incidentally, I wrote this before you-tubing her and after watching the embeded video, I feel like her sound is much more dark, echo-y, and ghostlike than I had imagined on listening alone. Funny how watching video will do that.

Melanie Bilenker Jewelery


Most unconventionally, Melanie Bilenker uses human hair to create meticulously detailed illustrations which are then cast in resin and made into fine-art jewelery. According to her site, this is inspired from Victorian days of yore when they used to keep lockets of hair. Talk about a new twist, I also like how she chooses to depict the mundane day to day moments, the very opposite of professional portrait style lockets. Source.