Author: Margot

Alaskans for Obama

I guess this counts as typography! I’m totally doing what the lady sings at the end of this video and I’m casting my ballot early. The 30th is the last day to do so in Chicago! Go ‘Bama go! Source.

et al

I know this comes from a blog frequented by many a designer, but this was too good for me to pass up. Had to pull this lovely piece aside so I could keep it handy always. Katherine’s inventory and thoughts on the popular glyph are worth reading as well. It’s been a good week for… Read more »

Typographic Fairy Tale

Funny and astute little story here from Rives at this year’s TED. Via Kottke.

Attack of the Mac-O-Lanterns!

Watch out! I think it’s pretty obvious how awesome this is, but I also need to point out that there’s multiple faces fading in and out like a slideshow, done through the machine’s FLOPPY DRIVE. Man, forget Web 2.0, 1980s technology is where it’s at! Make your own here. Source

Unicorns? Robocop? Why not!

This! This is why I love the internet. Wacky randomness at every turn. Today’s jaunt comes via Buzzfeed in this flickr set. I never even KNEW what a joyful union Robocop + Unicorn makes. AWESOME.