What I’m Doing Now

Screenshot of website homepage. A variety of images and art are displayed gallery style on a light blue background. Margot's name appears in a dark blue funky, playful font.

Hello friends!

Since I’m no longer updating this site, you can see what I’m up to over at my portfolio site. I’m using the portfolio site to look for full-time, contract, and freelance gigs instead. I plan to continue hosting this lil ‘ol blog here for the foreseeable future though. Mostly as a personal archive for myself, but I also don’t want to take it down since that would remove SEO juice for me and for any of the amazing artists I’ve linked to over the years. So here it will remain, warts and all, as a time capsule to reflect back upon how much I’ve grown as a human, artistically, and creatively.

Onward and godspeed, comrades. May you find community, inspiration, and all the things your existence needs.

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