Week of 8/1/16

Bits and bobs for you this week.

+ Even though Massachusetts has just made it illegal to ask about your previous salary, I still think employers will try to find creative ways to bring up the topic. Here are some excellent answers when someone asks for your salary requirements.

Margot Harrington - Pitch Design Union

+ This is the first ever paid editorial illustration I’ve had published! It was so fun and I hope to do more. Thank you, Intercom! Check the post and see it large and in charge. Intercom is hiring in Chicago if anyone is looking for a new jorb.

endiveicecream peamandms

+ Low Commitment Projects are my kind of projects. They make me laugh every time. I’ve posted about them before but this year sees them sharing new projects every week. Like this series of mispackaged foods, too clever.


+ I love this #stylechallenge on Instagram where illustrators are remaking themselves in popular cartoon styles, but showing way more types of people. Shows how deeply representation matters and how little there is in pop culture. Started by 17-year-old artist Autumn Massaquoi because she “loves that with cartoons there are no limits to what you can create.” Wise words indeed. Click the images above to view each artist, and seeĀ more artistsĀ here and here.

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