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Because Chicago is generally crazy segregated (still) (it’s complicated), it’s a priority for me to seek out and support the work of marginalized groups and people of  color to help offset the ingrained politics of our city. And because there is so much pain and heartbreak in the world right now (France again too, omg, I’m so sorry for you) let’s get some beauty and joy in our brains and eyeballs right now.

Janice Bond
janice-bond-beyond-the-binary-1 janice-bond-beyond-the-binary

Janice is an artist, curator, and lecturer. These are some images from her Beyond the Binary series which celebrates the all the gray areas of gender, sexuality, race, and body type. You can see her latest newsletter & subscribe here. Janice invited me to her quarterly meet up of lady artists, designers, and women-run businesses last week at Soho House. This event fell on the same day as the murder of Philando Castile, and while the difficult events of the week went unspoken, this experience was clearly a balm for all of us. Thank you Janice, for providing community and solidarity on this tough day.

Tkumah Sadeek

Singer Tkumah is booking shows in Chicago and everywhere. Her voice is sweet and smooth, it’s impossible to be blue when listening to her. Don’t sleep on this one!

Kenesha Sneed

Designer, Illustrator, and Ceramics! Multi-talents in this one, there’s no end to what Kenesha can do. Check this blurb on her in the New York Times.


James & Cher got to be on Chicago’s independent radio station, Vocalo, this week talking about this project and it made me real happy. Postloudness is a podcast collective showcasing queer, female, and voices of color. Covering tech, pop culture, personal finance, and self-care, there’s something for everyone here.

Deun Ivory Photography

deun-ivory-photo deun-ivory-photography
New transplant to Chicago from Houston, Deun is looking for portrait, fashion, and wedding gigs. Hire her! Her instagram is so good I have no words.

Lauren Ash

It’s because of Lauren that I met Deun, but Lauren’s work is equally important. Yoga, meditation, wellness, and lifestyle goals right here. Listen to her podcast, Black Girl in Om, or book her for a workshop or private consulting sesh to get your mind and body on track.

Tomorrow Looks Bright

Showcasing black female creatives the world over, get some super talents in your inbox on the weekly. Like this recent edition all about black lady DJs. Edited by black graphic designer Kristy Tillman, you’re missing out if you don’t sign up!

Clearly, this is only a handful. There amount of amazing people to know and share is endless. If you know or follow anyone key, put ’em in the comments and I’ll update the post or do another one! Do it for this moment in our history right now, if nothing else.

Take care out there everyone. I’m sending you along with my best vibes today. <3

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