New projects & things I read this week: 11/10


I’m all-caps-extra-exclamation-mark excited to tell you about my new Skillshare class!

An Online Skillshare Class by Margot Harrington

In it we talk about how to DO THE MONEY when it comes irregularly in fits and starts, goal-setting, working with clients, how the heck anyone who freelances ever stays sane and on schedule. While it’s targeted first to the new-new business people, but also I think there’s plenty of info for more seasoned pros. Especially if you’re like me and you started your business without much planning or a bigger picture in mind. It’s a little nerve-wracking putting this out there, but I’m sending all the good vibes I have into the universe in hopes the folks who need this class the most will heed the call. As of this point almost 40% of the American workforce is not on a full-time pre-taxed salary with benefits and 401k, and this number is only projected to increase. So you are out there, my people, let’s all help each other!

Anyway! If you’re only here for the reading material, I shan’t disappoint. Here we go!

“He told me politely that he didn’t have any photos of himself and would very much appreciate me taking one. He wrote down an e-mail address and requested that I friend him on Facebook. I asked him what he did while I checked the focus. He thought about it for a minute.

“What I can,” he replied. “I do what’s moral. I try to help people.”

“That’s great,” I said and we made some other small talk.

“By the way,” he added as I was turning to leave. “What are you? You’re thick as hell.”

The Men that I Met: a look back at the men looking at me. A female photographer in Chicago catalogues the men who approach her, asking for a picture. It’s an excellent twist on the complexities of catcalling. I want to give this Hillary a hug.

+ Have you been listening to This American Life’s new spin-off podcast, Serial?! HOLY CRUD. Or as comedian Mike Birbiglia calls it, “Blues Clues for adults”. I’ve been wondering if the racial complexities would surface around this case, and yep, Jay Caspian King pretty much nails it in this essay.

+ And speaking of race, the Washington Post has done an impeccable interactive campaign discussing the use of the n-word. Please spend a few minutes looking at these videos.

+ My friend Mercedes has just launched a woman-focused zine subscription service! This is gonna be gold. Sign-up here!

+ It’s now officially confirmed by a new study: women with kids are literally more productive than everyone yet still experience bias in the workplace. Bosses, take note. Next time you miss a deadline because your little munchkin has a fever, remember that you’ve already been making up for this and then some. One less thing to feel guilt over!

+ Impressively diverse picture of Chicago’s tech scene. I hope you’re listening, Chicago Tech Week! Let’s hope this marks the end of “X people you should know in tech” lists that are 80% or more of white guys.

+ I finished Amy Poehler’s new book, Yes Please! in about 5 days. It’s a delight, full of excellent, gracious advice and behind-the-scenes stories. Amy (and Tina Fey) are the world’s best friends!

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