Things I read this week*


It’s Friday, y’all. We made it! I kept track of the essays I read this week, here they are in no particular order.

My friend Nona is on a tear this week with two fantastic pieces:

+ The Middle Class Squeeze: Is Elite Education Worth 170k of Debt?

Married women who code-switch


+ Cameron Esposito’s excellent undressing (pun intended) of street harassment.

+ Janet Mock and the defense of angry black women.

+ This is not the last piece you should read about sexism in tech, no, not even close.

+ Super friend Stewart Scott-Curran’s recap on our time at WMC Fest 5

+ Freelancing in America: a national survey of the new workforce.

*As of Friday morning at 10am. Doesn’t include links I will also read in Ann Friedman’s fantastic newsletter, due any moment.


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