Why the Invisible Bike Helmet is cool

This. This will change the cycling world. I’ve long been complaining about the poor helmet options out there, especially for ladies. It’s hard to find the correct size and most people don’t even wear them correctly. It’s just dump design, period, with crap decoration on top of it. As if ladies must be enticed to wear helmets that have been feminized with some girly version of the logo (looking at you, Bern) or some child-like floral pattern, it’s patronizing and insulting. Smacks of dudes designing for what they think all women want, without actually bothering to ask any of us. But the invisible bike helmet is not about vanity, it’s just a better solution to the whole problem. By designers Anna Haupt and Terese Alstin, there’s 7+ years of research and funding that have gone into the project, which I hope will continue to grow. Right now it retails for $600 which isn’t exactly accessible and if it gets deployed then you need to buy new one (though I would imagine insurance would cover this cost), but fingers crossed this will change as word spreads. Seriously, watch the video if you haven’t already. It will take your breath away.

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Design is not the issue here – standards are. “dump design” maybe but it is tough to get a good looking helmet through all the crap safety certifications. The real issue is that the safety commissions of the world won’t account that something is better than nothing and if the helmet is dorky looking – heavy – expensive or cumbersome people simply won’t wear one.

Worse are the ‘cyclists’ that are so Pro-Helmet that they attack anybody without one.

I challenge anyone with a design background to create a manufacutureable helmet that looks good and passes the safety certifications for under 30 euro cost in lots of 1000. That is the design challenge and what the market will bear.

Molds for helmets are serious bank, that is why there is little in development in new shapes. Invest in new molds and the design won’t pass the certifications to be sold in the EU or US? Don’t think so. So what do you get – new logos and crap colors on existing molds.

More on topic – I hope the invisible bike helmet seriously goes to market, where I can pick one up at my local shop. Since high-end helmets are about 1/3 to 1/2 the price and the average price point is 1/10th the price they have a long long long way to go.


@GF: You cut to the heart of the issue exactly, I think many helmet manufacturers arrive at this same question and just decide not to press it with a better product. Which is what makes the Invisible Helmet so groundbreaking. I agree, there’s no perfect solution just yet either in cost or production volume, but the fact that someone has brought something so monumentally new to the table means more questions, more discourse, more choice and I think that’s something everyone can get behind. Thanks for your comment though! I appreciate your perspective. I hope the Invisible Helmet comes down in price as well, so everyone can afford it, but I personally would happily pay a higher amount for it because I don’t have to worry about it aging like my plastic helmet does or whether it fits properly. My brains are worth that premium to me.

Ricky Salsberry

Just an FYI to all — once ANY helmet is impacted, it should be replaced.


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