Month: July 2012

Patterns by Lou Mendel

Ladies & germs, the work of Lou Mendel, who I randomly met at two weeks ago at the Show ‘N Tell Show. Hand-drawn patterns, Lou!! YES. Do more of these, they make me happy.

How flabby is your brain?

Today, pretty flab-tastic. Illustration by Wendy McNaughton for an interesting Forbes article on how our brains benefit from exercise as much as our abs do. Forget beer-o-clock, it’s time to just go-outside-o-clock!

How to Say No Like a Boss – WMC Fest Talk

Turns out saying no to projects, unnecessary obligations, figuring out how to clear the plate, etc, is really hard because it means hitting pause for a second to zoom out to assess the bigger picture. Which can be nerve-wracking and if you’re like me, you’ll find all the excuses you can to avoid looking under… Read more »