What do I carry?

Photo for Janine Toro’s blog, What Do You Carry, which is a place for creative people to show off the contents of their bags. Such an interesting idea, and a great way to get a solid sense of how a person’s life works. Me for example, I’m kind of a pack mule when it comes to the amount of crap I carry on any given day. Between my desk at home, my desk at my co-working space, client meetings and art projects I’m often shlepping around more than just a laptop. Not to mention I ride my bike nearly every day (yes, winter too, unless the roads are too snowy or icy) (yes, I wear a helmet) so everything has to fit on my back. This photo was shot on January 12th, which was a pretty average day in terms of stuff if I recall correctly. All the gory details are spelled out on What Do You Carry.

Thanks for having me, Janine!


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