Protect IP / SOPA Blackout

This is the most engaging and informative explanation that I’ve seen of Protect IP/SOPA yet. Via Mme Swiss Miss.

Protect IP/SOPA is one of those bills that seems too ludicrous to actually get signed into law…Yet if sites like Wikipedia are blacking-out their entire content library for 24 hours it’s not for no freaking reason. It’s neat to watch the internet mobilize in defense against this truly unbelievable piece of kaka (pardon mon français) legislation. I’m excited to watch this unfold at while I’m at a conference about blogging (ALT!! Holy crap.) too. I’m observing the black-out as well and will be activating a plugin that will turn off Pitch for the next day. I’m not going to be writing anyway while having a giant sleepover party with some of the web’s finest. Which is only a tad sad since I’ve built some new functionality in the sidebar and I’m antsy to unveil it!

Catch you on the flip. Salt Lake City, ho!

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