Friday Links

[audio:|titles=01 Aimee Mullins_ A Work in Progress]

+ Hear: Aimee Mullins‘ story on the Moth Podcast. Aimee is a double amputee who also happens to be an athlete, model, actress and comedian. She even got to be in Matthew Barney’s Cremaster, with custom designed faun legs (above, eat your heart out, Gaga). Easily my most favorite Moth podcast in ages. There’s also an awesome Ted talk here where she talks all about her pairs of legs.

+ Ways to help minimize your Photoshop layers from my favorite tutorial site, Method & Craft.

+ I finally caved and I’m on Pinterest now! So far I really like it, but I wish it would get married to Gimme Bar (“it’s basically an internet ShamWow”) and have ten hundred babies together.

+ Why Louis CK thinks the next Steve Jobs will be a chick over at Fast Company.

+ Fontshop’s and Myfont’s best typefaces of 2011. Oh, so very much to love here.

+ All of the Illustrator shortcuts! See similar for inDesign as well. Most of the shortcuts I use I discovered by accident or by watching someone else work inside the program. Regardless, forcing these infographics into my brain would certainly be a good exercise in streamlining workflow.

Happy 2012 all! I did a lot of blog & content planning while I was away from my computer over the holidays and now I have all these fun blog ideas. Just in time for my trip to Alt…which is in just two weeks! So, so soon! Time to get crackin.


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