Things to back on Kickstarter

Let me help you spend your money on two projects I’ve discovered recently that are near and dear:

Chis Piascik has done a drawing every weekday for the last four years which equals 1,000 drawings and Chris is self-publishing them into a book! I’m especially looking forward to the section of the book dedicated to complaining. Somehow this makes the gripes endearing and a way to vent that’s actually interesting in addition to being cathartic. Pledge here.

Do you like TV? Of course you do. Do you watch American TV? Most likely. Which means you should back this project. My friends David Elliot & Martine are filming a documentary on the cultural role American televisions has on our society today. These kids are not afraid to ask some big questions, no sir, and I’m itchy with curiosity to see how they tackle this one. If it’s anything like their previous projects then color me excited.


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