Re-Classified Recap

BACK! Did you miss me? I missed you terribly, but I have to say I am glad for the break. Never before have I had such little interest in committing content to the web. I just couldn’t seem to find a way through all my crap and stress to contribute something useful to the fray, something that didn’t seem like thought shrapnel. And apparently an absence for the better part of two weeks makes it feel like I have to start all over again too. That’s okay though. Starting comes easily to me.

In the meantime, between working 12-14 hours a day at an agency, managing my own clients, dealing with a dead (if only temporarily) computer, I also had a show at Post 27! I barely talked about this event, my biggest regret of this whole holidaze-craze season. I was so wrapped up in making the work that I just didn’t have it in me. I needn’t have worried though, to my shock and awe, because it was a success! We sold over half the work, which has never happened to me before!

Heaps of gratitude to Veronica Corzo-Duchardt & Post 27, the other two-thirds of this show. Without Veronica’s Neche Collection test prints, screenprinted notepads & tags, or Angela’s usual furniture & display skills this would not have come together. Together we all got to craft office of our dreams, even if it just existed for one night.


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