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You’ve felt like this, right? Sometimes you’re skipping right along easily imagining whatever it is you can’t do into submission. And sometimes it’s not so breezy and with every forward step there pressure continues to loom. For the last two weeks I’ve been like a kid with my fingers in my ears and constant mantra of “I can’t hear you! I can’t hear you!” because if I stopped to think about it then the pressure might get the best of me. I just wish I could say the same for my Macbook Pro. Without warning I found myself on Saturday night anxiously thrusting it at the Apple store Geniuses, wincing obviously as they lay down the diagnosis. Logic board failure, 5-7 days to replace it, and a bill of $300-$500. (My 3 years of Apple Care expired in September, and extended care only covers partial cost.) And just like that, during the busiest month of the year my business is on hold, flattened like a popped inflatable lawn santa. Ouch. Them’s the breaks, kid.

So how am I typing this you ask? I’m using Rod Hunting’s spare laptop to stay on top of email, but I don’t have current design work seeing as my most recent back up was three weeks ago (shameful, I know!). I’ll be able to get by and it’s only a week, but it feels like I’m wearing mismatched shoes. Not to mention the added stress from the surprise expense. I know lots of folks are spread thin during the holidays, but man, if you can offer some relief via my tip jar now is definitely a good time.

Thankfully my clients have been kind about this mishap, which is a huge relief. So grateful for that! I’m also taking this as a sign that the universe wants me to slowwww it down and work on non-computer projects (Like Re-Classified!) until I get my machine back. Frankly, the 14+ hour days I’ve been pulling recently aren’t sustainable anyway, so even if the computer didn’t crap out, I was due eventually myself. I’m sure there are more of those long days in my future before we all jump into our celebratory hibernation mode, but for now this’ll do.

I’ll be back when I can, I already miss you all terribly so I hope it’s not too long! Maybe I will even see you at the Re-Classified opening on Thursday…If nothing else send hugs, I accept those with equal measure too.

{Image credit: hand-lettered series called Points of Interest by one of my longtime faves, Nicole Lavelle.



That poster fits me perfectly.
But gosh, what a hard blow! And scary – I don’t know what I’d do without my iMac, either. Good luck with the fix, sounds like you’re pulling through stronger than ever.
Best wishes!


Oh, guys! I can’t tell you how much your kind words help. Thanks for thinking of me!


OUCH. Those pesky macs always pick the best time to go Kaput, don’t they?
(…and that sign pretty much sums up how I went about teaching myself web design!)


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