Month: December 2011

Mark Mahaney Profile

My fascination with artist profile videos continues. See more of Mark’s incredible portraiture here. Via Vineet Kaur.    

Friday Links, Holiday Edition

+ I just launched redesigned a logo & header for Anni Cee Photographie! + Fresh new work, fresh new site from Jesse Brown. + Swiss Miss posed a really interesting question that I’m constantly hearing from my clients: what are some tools for people who want to build a strong personal brand but can’t afford… Read more »

Holiday Book Lust

I’m not much for making holiday gift guides (there’s a billion great ones already, I’m fine with leaving them to the pros) but I thought I’d share my reading wishlist anyway. After the holiday glitter bomb dust has settled, there’s few things I like more than practicing my introverted skills with a book and the… Read more »

Things to back on Kickstarter

Let me help you spend your money on two projects I’ve discovered recently that are near and dear: Chis Piascik has done a drawing every weekday for the last four years which equals 1,000 drawings and Chris is self-publishing them into a book! I’m especially looking forward to the section of the book dedicated to… Read more »

Tangram United States

By Midnight Umbrella. Via Brad Wooddard Design.