Adi Goodrich + Sirocco Research Labs

Happy Monday dudes! I feel awesome today, my mouth is nearly healed and chilling out for a few days did tons and tons for my productivity. Just in time to prepare for the usual holiday madness! If you’re looking for a special gift this year, look no further than my friend Adi Goodrich who draws portraits of people’s homes. This is a PERFECT idea for anyone who’s purchased a house recently, I can’t think of a better way to commemorate such a landmark event. Plus there’s just so much happiness injected into Adi’s work, how could you not want to hang this on your wall? Instant heirloom for sure.

Adi’s living in LA right now doing production design with Sirocco Research Labs, together their work is very Michel Gondry meets the muppets with a side of glitter. Producers, take note. Hire these kids, because they are going to be huge.

Here’s Adi’s reel but make sure you click-through for clever behind the scenes dirt on each of these projects.

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