Portland: Life Long Work Month

After Friday’s Creative Mornings talk w/ Kate Bingaman-Burt we headed back over to Portland State to kick off a month-long project with 9 of Kate’s design students. Named after a project Chad & Jesse Brown did together in 2009, Life Long Work Month is in an intensive lesson in collaboration. The students (hi, friends!) hole up in the school’s gallery, on display, and together drive out as much shared work as they can handle in the space of four weeks. Chad & I supplied them with this kit of inspiration, we named it the Keep Going Kit, to provide them with a little creative fuel for their endeavor. It’s an assortment of random thrifted nonsense and useful tools (Elixir of Ideas is simply, ahem, repacked 5-Hr Energy) it was meant to be a catalyst for random association as well as lend some silliness to the whole affair. It was so much fun! I can’t wait to see how this progresses.

Up next, snapshots of all the ephemera & collected bits from the trip…

***UPDATED!**** Here’s a link to the student’s Life Long Work Month tumblr where they are documenting the goings-on. They are actually using it as a forum to brainstorm and contact each other which is a really great nosedive right into their process. Thanks for sending me the link, buddies!

{Image of Kate taken by Matt Spiro, the rest are shots by Chad}


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