Friday Links

+ The Neche Collection relaunches! And Felt & Wire just opened a special online gallery with framed versions of Veronica’s prints as well. I want them alllll. These WILL be gone soon, do not delay!

+ Locally, there’s been quite the hubbub surround the giant, and rather racy, Marilyn Monroe statue downtown….Seems like Chicago’s managed to make creative use of it so far, if this article is any indication. Heh. I love this town. A shout-out to my Dad for sending me this link!

+ Check out new street-style clothing brand, Skatelift. Tees are also limited edition so snap those puppies up!

+ Gorgeous typography & design from French designer Phillipe Nicolas.

+ I’m taking this quickie advertising seminar for small bloggers hosted by Liz Stanley. I think there are still spots left if you want in. It’s only $15.

+ Have you seen Jessica Hische’s new venture, 52× It’s a fresh twist on fundraising for charity. By pledging you sign up for one year (52 weeks) and they are asking for $52 (or whatever you can offer) that goes to a new cause every week. Seems like a truly amazing way to make a difference. Via Swissmiss.


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