Next stop on the travel train: Portland!

Holy major news Batman! Such good news that I’m honestly nearly speechless. Chad & I are getting to participate in Portland State University’s Show ‘N Tell Lecture series! Kate Bingaman-Burt ( down with KBB, yeah you know me!) and Ethan Allen Smith are responsible for making this collaboration happen, but massive advance thank yous are also due to Will Bryant, his wife Mrs. Fancypantz, and cat Loretta Cornbread Bryant, who will be housing Chad & I at their Dixieland Ranch digs.

This will be my first visit to Portland and I’m entirely certain it, and many of its find upstanding inhabitants, will bewitch me with total and complete awesomeness. Just three weeks to go. I only wish I was a student at PSU too; I would kill to hear some of the rest of the lecture series line-up!

AHHH! So. Internet. Tell me what you love about Portland, there’s gotta be lots besides food trucks. And…Go.



What do I love about Portland?

The Waffle Window. GO. Best waffles in the world, and they’re served out of a window. It doesn’t get any better than that.


I realize I cut that last comment short. I love absolutely everything about Portland except that you can’t pump your own gas. It really IS totally and completely awesome.


OKAY! Waffle Window on the list. Thank you so much. I just wish I could be eating that right this very moment!


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