NYC…All the rest!

Another major high point of the trip was the visit to MoMa’s PS1 in Queens. After this visit, PS1 is easily my favorite museum at the moment. Named after the school the building once held, the space is incredible. Sounded by an almost military-esque concrete wall, the entrance gives way to a modern courtyard which contrasts sharply with the turn of the century school building that houses the galleries and remains largely and beautifully untouched from it’s original aging design. I’m not a native New Yorker, but in my mind there was no other space more perfect to display their September 11th tribute exhibition. Initially I had reservations about going to this show, thinking it might be overwrought and just a total downer. But the place is so thoroughly and lovingly curated that it majorly blew my expectations out of the water. Also, most of the artwork was created prior to that terrifying day ten years ago, which definitely helped the vibe from being too much. It was even funny at times and I found myself chuckling despite the heavy subject matter. I got scolded for taking pictures almost immediately (oops) but I couldn’t help myself and I sneaked a few iphone ones anyway (oops, again). (Hopefully PS1 doesn’t ask me to pull these, but if they do, I will comply of course). I left feeling humble and small, but still marveling at our human condition.

Other things I want to remember:

+ Caught a glimpse of the NYC Public Library all candlelit in the blue-time twilight. There was clearly some event about to go down, and I debated sticking around to find out what, but then I decided I liked the mystery of it better and I continued on my way.

+ Our gracious host, Hunter, works at the one and only Best Made Co. and he let us sniff around their workspace. Full studio tour forthcoming on ze Post Family soon.

+ After a hearty lunch at Frankie’s in Carroll Gardens, Kate took Chad & I back to her art-filled apartment where we hunkered down from the rain and traded magazines while her very giant and very dignified Maine Coon cats were kind enough to share the sofa with us.

+ Dinner made by this stylish lady, an old friend of ours who moved to NY a few years ago. Chorizo stuffed squid, fish tacos (the fish were a catch from a recent fishing trip) and ice cream with wine-stewed plums for dessert.

+ Other randomness, snagged all over town:

Can’t wait to go back again!



PS1 is such a fantastic museum! So many great memories there…great art and outdoor dancing in the summer. I’ll have to go back to check out the 9/11 exhibit, thanks


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