Preparing for NYC

From this:

Margot-Harrington-Cards (1) Margot-Harrington-Cards (3) Margot-Harrington-Cards (2)

To this:
Margot-Harrington-Cards (4)

Love that magic moment when the pieces come together and then poof! You have it in your hand. Also, the Post Family’s Chandler-Price is definitely not a press for the novice. Which is me, so I end up cranking it by hand because it’s far to fast for me to use at its full break-neck speed. 120 cards later and that is one heckuva gratifying workout, let me tell you.



It’s actually a pattern of my own design, just printed it on a HP printer. So technically, the cards aren *entirely* letterpressed. Imma cheater! 🙂


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