Friday Links

Caitlin-Foster (2) Caitlin-Foster (1) Caitlin-Foster (3)

+ Gorgeous drawings by Cailtin Foster. Prints and interview over at Little Paper Planes.

+ I don’t think I’ve totally mastered Gimme Bar yet, but so far I’m into it. It’s a bit like Pinterest and will definitely make it easier for me to organize and remember content over using Delicious. Anybody else get on the Gimme Bar train while beta was open earlier this week? I’m pitchdesign if you’d like to befriend me there.

+ New music I’m enjoying: Balmorhea and Marques Toliver.

+ This is the cutest tumblr I’ve seen in awhile, Iceland Wants to be Your Friend. Written from the perspective of the country itself it’s so totally charming that I’d like to hop a plane over there right now. Via Design Vagrant.


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