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Another South African blogger! I wonder if there’s something special about South Africa that makes such stylish ladies! Mariah Breitenberg is the mind behind Size Too Small, make sure you don’t miss her Year in Cakes series and I especially treasure these Margaret Killgallen tree prints she posted recently.

+What’s the story behind your blogs name, size too small?

size too small is actually the name of one of my favorite Sufjan Stevens songs. I think everyone assumes it’s a reference to fashion and clothing always fitting a size too small which I don’t mind because a lot of my blog is fashion and style oriented but it’s actually just a song I love and I thought it would make a good blog name.

+ What was the first blog that hooked you?
Style Me Pretty– my wedding appeared on their blog in 2009 shortly after I had gotten married. Honestly before then I didn’t even know that style and lifestyle blogging was such a huge industry. Someone emailed me and said “your wedding is on style me pretty today” and from then on I started reading blogs. I was hooked.

+ We hear A LOT about big bloggers but not so much about the little guys. In your words, small bloggers are important because _________________.
I think everyone has a unique point of view and style. Reading someones blog is like getting a glimpse into the things that inspire them. It’s fun to be exposed to those things no matter how big or small. Also a lot of the smaller blogs provide fresh ideas and content from projects they are involved in in their own lives. When I do an event or have an interesting work project I try and share it on my blog. Or even if it’s a friends house that has been beautifully designed and decorated- those are the things I love to blog about.

+ Blogging is a TON of work and rarely pays the rent. your family think you’ve lost your mind… so what drives you to blog?

I started blogging because I had been really inspired by a lot of other blogs out there. I had just gotten married, moved from the USA to Cape Town, South Africa and wasn’t working in a very creative job. I needed something to put my creative energy into, so I started size too small.

+ Some bloggers are veritable celebrities who snap and tweet every moment. How comfortable are you with being “out there”?
I don’t mind being “out there” necessarily, but I can’t really be bothered to pursue things I don’t enjoy. For me, so far that kind of includes most social media. I tried twitter but it just wasn’t me. I do think all of the various forms of social media are great tools for building a business or building your blog. Also some people just love it- if that’s the case, go for it.

+ Internet culture is obsessed with numbers and rankings. Do you follow your stats? How are they useful to you?
When my blog started to get a lot of traffic I would check my stats a few times a week. Now I hardly I ever look at them. It was really important for me to find a balance between my blogging life and my real life. I found I was getting too sucked in to numbers and stats. Now I’ve struck that balance and it makes all the difference in the world.

+ Do you strive to one day be a big-time blogger?
The main thing with my blog is that I’ve always wanted it to be organic. If people like it great- I’m glad they are being inspired. If it gets bigger I’m fine with that, if it doesn’t I’m also fine with that. My goals tend to be more career oriented, and right now I can’t see my blog as being or becoming my career.

+ Your guilty pleasure blog? Go.
Yikes! I don’t have one!

+ Your turn, ask us a comment or feedback. What’s the one thing about the blog world that’s got you stumped, the thing you’re dying to ask somebody but haven’t?
Hmmmm, you know I think bloggers have done a really good job of being transparent about how the “industry” (if you want to call it that) works. I think a lot of blogs are run by amazingly talented, creative and down to earth people and I’m just glad they are putting that creativity out there for others to be inspired by and enjoy.

+ Do you have a favorite source for awesome content?
I like We Are Selectors and The Scout for this. Also photographic journals are great for being exposed to new photographers.

+ Your top three favorite posts you’ve ever written?
Probably… my Now & Then posts, where I pair up a current fashion designer with a style icon of the past, the 12 Days of Christmas blogger series I did last year with some of my favorite bloggers and a peak inside my friend Jen’s home.


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