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Bonus BitBlogger post for the week! Aren’t you lucky grasshoppers! I wish I could take credit for discovering Wolf Eyebrows, but that honor falls to my Bitblogger partner-in-crime, Kate of Arthound. Written by Catherine, a South African copywriter & art lover, Wolfeyes covers everything from photography, fashion, food and all manner of arts & culture.

+ What’s the story behind your blog’s name, wolf eyebrows?

I’m part Dutch, Greek, British, Canadian and South African. Somehow this mixed
heritage gave me rather wolfish looking eyebrows, hence the name. It is an unusual
characteristic that is particularly unique to me.

I later found out that there is a Japanese folktale called The Wolf Eyebrows, which is
about a suicidal man who goes into the mountains to find a wolf to devour him. The wolf
refuses to kill him and gives him a hair from his eyebrows instead. The wolf’s eyebrow
hair gives the man the ability to judge the character of anyone he encounters. I quite
liked the story…strange and slightly melancholic.

+ What was the first blog that hooked you?
To be honest I can’t recollect the first blog that hooked me. Blogging came so
seamlessly into my life that is hard to distinguish a beginning. But I do remember that
some of my early favourites were Smitten Kitchen, for me, for you and The Sartorialist.

+ We hear A LOT about big bloggers but not so much about the little guys. In your words, small bloggers are important because:
They offer an alternative view. Smaller blogs have the space to really explore ideas
without being bound by expectation, audience or sponsors.

+ Blogging is a TON of work and rarely pays the rent. Your family think you’ve lost your mind… so what drives you to blog?

I’m a very visual creature and blogging is a great creative outlet. I majored in History of Art at university and I love to draw. I see my blog as a curated collection of beautiful things. I’m also an insomniac, so it helps fill my sleepless hours.


+ Some bloggers are veritable celebrities who snap and tweet every moment. How
comfortable are you with being “out there” ?

I made a very conscious decision not to share my personal life on my blog. I think that it
comes from the fact that I am a rather shy and introverted person. Occasionally I’ll share
the odd photograph or drawing, but that’s about it. In a way I think that the things I blog
about are a good enough representation of who I am without getting caught up with the
messiness of my private life.

+ Internet culture is obsessed with numbers and rankings. Do you follow your
stats? How are they useful to you?

I do. I like to create content that people want to read, but not to the point that I have to compromise what I want my blog to be, so following my stats is a good way to balance
the two.

+ You used to write about art for magazines and other print publications. How is blogging different from that work?

Writing for art journals and print is very much dictated by the tone of the publication and its audience. It is also a much more theoretical and analytical style of writing.

+ Your guilty pleasure blog? Go.
The Superficial, it combines celebrity gossip with sarcastic commentary. I do feel pretty guilty after I visit it though.

+ Your turn, ask us a comment or feedback. What’s the one thing about the
blog world that’s got you stumped, the thing you’re dying to ask somebody but

I often wonder how to get involved in more blogger collaborations. Miss Moss asked me to be a contributor on her tumblr called BKFST and I love it. So I’d like to know how to grow my network of blogger-friends more.

+ Do you have a favorite source for awesome content or inspiration?
Flickr, it’s an endless archive of amazing art, illustration, history
and photography.

+ Your top three favorite posts you’ve ever written?
This question is difficult to answer. I think they would be the posts that are an on-going
feature on my blog:

1. Friday Fox– a selection of foxes (real and imaginary) to end the week
2. Outfits and Landscapes– comparisons between street fashion and landscapes
3. Miscellany– a jumbled collection of things that I have been appreciating recently
4. (One extra post…) Food & Art– comparisons between fine art and food

Thanks for the opportunity!


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