Friday Links

Well, I was going to blog yesterday. I had every intention, and then I zonked out on the couch at 10:30pm and that was it for the night. Shoot. There are some awesome things I discovered in this abbreviated week, so without further adieu:

+ Best Kickstarter project this week, by artist Steve Lambert (who also has the internet’s best 404 page). It’s a traveling sign that folks interact with which will tell a potent message about our current political landscape. The project will be touring the country in the coming election season, hopefully coming to a town near you.

+ I’m a teacher now! The subject is Advanced Logo Design and the institution is the Chicago Portfolio School. For the next 9 weeks I’m getting to help shape 7 bright and hungry young female designers, which is pretty incroyable. I hope we both learn tons. (Ladies, if any of you are you reading, say hi!!)

+ The Atlantic predicts good things for creative industries in the coming years.

+ My favorite art blog is now doing podcasts! Highly, highly recommended. This Steve “ESPO” Powers one is a good place to start.

+ More schools like this treehouse/Kindergarten in Fuji, Japan. Beautiful, right? I can only guess at how powerful such a creative space would be in opening the mind to learning.

+ Beats, Rhymes and Life, the new A Tribe Called Quest documentary. YES. Awesome. Can’t decide if I see this tonight or go to Pitchfork and see Battles. Tricky, tricky.



God damn. You amaze me. Beautiful list of inspiration for my weekend. I can’t get enough. Lovin it.


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