Month: July 2011

Louis C.K. on Work

“I love making the stuff, that’s sort of the core of it. I love creating the stuff. It’s so satisfying to get from the beginning to the end, from a shaky nothing idea to something that’s well formed and the audience really likes. It’s like a drug: You keep trying to do it again and… Read more »

Cassandra Smith

I would be so very happy if a set of these came to live at my house. My Pops has a walking stick that is painted in a similar style, though his is so old the paint has all but faded and the stick itself is broken in half. I loved it as a child,… Read more »

Live Now

I’m so terribly overdue posting about this book, which is a shame because it really is amazing. Born of Eric Smith’s struggle with cancer, it really is a manual in happiness. With artwork by some of the hottest illustrators of late, it’s cute but not saccharine, and just witty enough. It’s a great gift for… Read more »

Friday Links

+ This Baths kid’s got summertime in his fingers. + New design blog, Moxee, put together a legit piece on branding your blog here. + I wrote a post on the Fox is Black about austism in the arts. + My other bloggy-gig, Outpost, is picking up speed. Carly’s our newest contributor, she’s now doing… Read more »

Fast, Good, or Cheap

I’ve seen this crop up two times this week, both offline and on. It’s worth another underscore. Via Sharlene King.