In Sum

Things that happened:
+ 7 blog posts (8 including this one)
+ 41 tweets
+ 17 new twitter followers
+ Emails I didn’t count, because I’m not sure I want to quantify that. The unread count is all that matters there anyway.
+ Hosted out-of-towners (hi Pops! How’s that sofa bed treating ya?)
+ 4 client meetings
+ Scored a new bloggy gig.
+ Signed up for 6-months at a new co-working space. (More on that in a bit, that’s a whole post alone!)
+ Paid bills
+ Logged 4.5 billable hours
+ Got to spend time in the kitchen and outside (wifi on the deck, yo!)
+ Only ate out once this week, it’s possible that’s never happened before
+ Wrote about 3,680 words

Things I wanted to happen, but didn’t:
+ Turn about 10 different post ideas into actual posts
+ go for a run
+ Complete an RFP
+ Push more of my WordPress & CSS upgrades live
+ Listen to podcasts

For having zero expectations of how this was all going to go I think I did pretty well! And I got actual business done too, which surprised the heck out of me, since I was essentially shelving that side of my work so I could focus more on blogging for the week. And judging by how dead my brain is, I’ll say I’ve worked my keister off. If I got anything out of the deal, it’s a renewed sense that I am never not going to have to hustle the shit out of this <strike>slog</strike> blog. I’m not going to sweat that though, instead just keep plowing away and let things evolve as they are wont. I’m pretty tired of the sound of my own voice for the moment though, I can only do so much navel-gazing you know? So I’m going to take the rest of the afternoon off to hang out with my Dad. I’ll resume on Monday with fewer posts, but will be coding the new design tweaks and features (if you catch any bugs, send me a screenshot will ya?).

Annnnnd scene.

{Image credit: Sol LeWitt wall drawing via The Fieldworker}

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