Kick-Off Monday & FAQs

Since it’s a holiday today, most folks are trying their hardest to inject a little extra summer into their weekend. ie- Not reading blogs posts like this. Which totally means less pressure for me to get this writing project I’ve given myself off the ground, alright!

I cheated and got a bit of a brainstorming head start over the weekend, so I’ve already got a slew of posts and exciting things to share in the works. Figured I start with a little dose of nostalgia in the form of re-posting this song from my first ever blog post on September 9th, 2008. First Aid Kit’s Fleet Foxes cover only had a mere 2k views on youtube then, now they’ve got over 2 million. Perfect for music Mondays, long lazy weekends that actually feel like summer, and a reminder to get the new Fleet Foxes album too. It’s a goodie.

First order of Project Blog Improvement Bonanza: an FAQ page. Occasionally I get emails from students asking for design advice and/or general questions so I’m thinking of posting some of those, but it’s a pretty short list so far. If there’s anything you’d like to know, deposit your inquiries into the comments por favor.

And course you can also reach me these ways too:
twitter: @pitchdesign
email: margot at
Skype: mkharrington
Google chat: margotharrington

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