Friday Links

+ My friend, Paper Source alum Elaine Fong is a new freelancer & has just re-launched her site. Her work (above) has class, bright pops of color and an Eames-y spin that is super fresh. Major props, high fives and hugs to Elaine!

+ The Setup: A bunch of nerdy interviews. What do people use to get stuff done? I could spend a lot of time here.

+ Fave new find: the Midwest Style. I think I look at boy fashion blogs more than female-focused ones these days? (not including this marvelous lady of course).

+ New bloggy feature: I now offer email subscriptions! In case you’re not into the RSS thing you can sign up through the link in the sidebar and get my updates in your inbox.

And weekend: GO. Me and the Mr. are heading to Michigan for some days, excited to get out of the city and cool it for a few…



Thanks for the plug! Tell us what you find in Michigan, we’re looking to head that way for a weekend trip in thrifting, booze and fun.


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