Vignette Wrap-Up

…..omgoshthiswasthebesttime. Thank you everyone for coming, thank you to Heather, Stephanie and Christine for bearing photographic witness of the work (more photos here). Thank you Design Bureau and of course, Angela. Going to hold on to this experience for a long time to come.

I also can’t think of a better way to recoup than to spend time offline w/ family (nieces! How come no one told me how awesome they are?!). In the duration, I’ve switched over to a new host too. Beyond thrilled to have this website running on a spiffed-up system, step one in my plan of upgrades around here…

And. Back at the hustle.



In real life we are in the fine, fine Chicago neighborhood of Ukrainian Village. 1819 W. Grand Ave. Won’t you come visit?!


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