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Can’t get enough of black & white photography these days. These in particular are from Cathzilla on flickr. They have that swoony, nostalgic vibe that’s both timeless and hip at once. Via Ok Great.

Shades of Grey Jewelry

Oh, yeah. My other blog that I write with Post 27! I forget to talk about that ‘un sometimes. Head over to read the interview I put together with my friend Attalie Dexter on her incredible jewelry line, Shades of Grey. Her one-of-a-kind pieces are available at Post 27, but won’t last so get at them!

{Images credits: Refinery 29 and Shades of Grey}

Kick-Off Monday & FAQs

Since it’s a holiday today, most folks are trying their hardest to inject a little extra summer into their weekend. ie- Not reading blogs posts like this. Which totally means less pressure for me to get this writing project I’ve given myself off the ground, alright!

I cheated and got a bit of a brainstorming head start over the weekend, so I’ve already got a slew of posts and exciting things to share in the works. Figured I start with a little dose of nostalgia in the form of re-posting this song from my first ever blog post on September 9th, 2008. First Aid Kit’s Fleet Foxes cover only had a mere 2k views on youtube then, now they’ve got over 2 million. Perfect for music Mondays, long lazy weekends that actually feel like summer, and a reminder to get the new Fleet Foxes album too. It’s a goodie.

First order of Project Blog Improvement Bonanza: an FAQ page. Occasionally I get emails from students asking for design advice and/or general questions so I’m thinking of posting some of those, but it’s a pretty short list so far. If there’s anything you’d like to know, deposit your inquiries into the comments por favor.

And course you can also reach me these ways too:
twitter: @pitchdesign
email: margot at
Skype: mkharrington
Google chat: margotharrington